5k gutter next to 6k gutter style

5K vs 6K Size Comparison

Here is a side by side shot showing the 5K gutter style versus the 6K gutter size.

6-K Style Gutter

For the ultimate upgrade in gutters we are proud to offer the new 6K gutters with oversized downspouts for superior water handling and flow.

Fascia 6″ Style Gutter

Steel gutters with 20 year finish (inside and outside). This is a popular choice in the Northwest with a clean look as well as long term duribility.

5" Gutter Picture

5-K Style Gutter

Aluminum gutters with a 20 year finish (inside and outside). This is an classic look and is usually a more cost effective option.


Preformed Gutter Elbow

Cascade Continuous Gutter uses preformed elbows for maximum water flow. We do not cut and notch downspouts like many of our competitors as those tend to clog much easier.

Downspout Clean-Outs

A downspout clean-out will help keep what gets in your downspout from clogging your underground drain and is a money and time saver compared to digging up or trying to unclog a drain or dry well.

Premier Gutter Cover

A strong low profile design, which actually utilizes rainwater to self-clean. The patent pending-self cleaning design features a louvered expanded metal section that prevents most debris from entering the gutter system, yet still allows for maximum water flow. Premier Gutter Cover is unsurpassed in its versatility with roof and gutter styles, as well as its ability too handle extreme seasons and debris. The strong-attractive powder coat finish, custom color matching and sleek design blends with homes.